Ready to Move? Here’s a checklist

Congratulations on your big move! Here are some resources to help you thru the door more efficiently.
For utilities, schedule the start/termination date as the close of escrow date. Let the service provider know title is changing hands and they'll take care it from there.


  1. Pacific Gas and Electric Start/Stop Services
  2. Cable/Internet
    Astound Cable Services
  3. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (Water)
  4. Recology Garbage Services
  5. United States Postal Service
  6. Voter registration – register your new address
  7. Recommended movers:
    Celtic Moving & Storage Inc.
    One Big Man & One Big Truck
    NorthStar Moving Company
    Spartan Moving Company
  8. In a condo? Contact your HOA and schedule your move-out. They may require a fee.
  9. Schedule a locksmith to change your locks. We like Mike at Locksmith Central in Noe Valley. His phone number is 415.777.1122

Seller’s guide

1. Choose Your Perfect Agent

Who you hire to sell your property really matters. The sale process is complex and involves heavy negotiation. You want an agent that can make the process smooth and helps you walk away with the most money. Here at Sherry Juneja Real Estate, our goal is to sell your home for the most money, sell it fast, and minimize the stress of selling. We have sold 100’s of homes in San Francisco and The Bay Area and you will be in expert hands with us.

2. Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation, we will take the time to understand your objectives, needs, and time frames. We will explain the entire sales process, the timeline, and give you a home valuation. The market is very competitive, and it is important to price the home correctly. It is also important to show the home at its best. We will do a walkthrough of the home and recommend precise pre-sale enhancements and staging to increase the value of your home.

3. List Your Home

Once there is a mutual commitment to work together, we will sign a listing agreement which gives us permission to sell your home. Once there is a mutual commitment to work together, our team will take a thoughtful, detailed approach to determining the best strategy for your sale. Amongst other things, we will discuss property preparation, staging, marketing, pricing and timing. We have trusted vendors for everything and will facilitate the entire process from start to finish.

4. Get Your Home Ready For The Market

Here the real work begins! We have a network of very skilled vendors that will take care of all renovations, staging, photography, and video. We have had relationships with our excellent vendors for many years and you will benefit from their best rates. Our aim is to provide you with the best artisans at the most reasonable cost. The marketing for your home will be specially designed to showcase your home at its best light. The ultimate goal is to make your property look its best to attract the most buyers and the highest sales price.

5. Market Your Home

The marketing of your home begins the day your sign the listing agreement with us. Most buyers find homes online, and we have perfected online marketing strategies help buyers find your home among multiple homes. Once buyers come to the house, they will find very high-quality print materials to take with them. Every piece of marketing is created to enhance the value of your home and get the most number of offers, at the highest price. We will send regular emails to local buyers agents, run social media ads, have open houses and market your property locally, nationally and even internationally.

6. Negotiate Price & Contract

Once we receive offers, we will assist you in picking the strongest offer. Negotiation is our special expertise and we will ensure that you get the maximum price for your property. We will explain the entire contract and walk you through all the steps in the contract. Many people are involved at this time, such as the buyer, buyers agent, lender and title company, and we will work with all partiers to ensure that we close on time.

7. The Closing

The most important day has arrived. Congratulations you have just sold your house! We will deliver keys and ensure a smooth transition. This sale is done and we hope you are happy with the results. Our aim is to build a lifelong relationship with you so you can come to us for all your real estate needs.

The Buying Process

Are you thinking of buying a home and don’t know where to start? The process of buying a house includes more than just touring homes. Our team is here to help you understand and prepare for this big purchase. Buying a home can be stressful, but we have made it simple and fun-even during the pandemic.
There are many steps to prepare even before you start touring. We will be your advisors and work very closely with you throughout the process. We are experts with first time home buyers and seasoned investors and will advise you on specific neighborhoods and potential appreciation. Here are the steps we will take together to make your dream a reality.

1. The First Consultation

We will meet in person or virtually to understand your needs. Here we will understand what type of house you are looking for, your ideal budget, the timeline and other things that are important to you. You will meet our team and we will share our market expertise, market conditions, available homes and discuss the buying process step by step. This is the first step in making your dream a reality. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, this is the first step to finding you the perfect property.

2. The Loan Approval

Today, if you want your offer to be considered by the seller, it has to come with a pre approval letter from a reputable lender. We highly recommend that you get preapproved by a seasoned lender so that your offer can compete with cash offers and the seller can take your offer seriously. We get our buyers fully approved with give them an advantage over buyers who are not preapproved. We have a list of preferred lenders who we have chosen because our previous clients have been very happy with their performance. They provide excellent service and rates. These lenders will determine exactly how much you can afford, the down payment, and give you a pre approval that will give you a huge advantage over other buyers. Our clients are local and also from all over the world, and we have special financing options for foreign buyers, investors and multiple property owners.

3. The Home Search

Now you are ready to start looking at homes! Because of our relationship with other agents and home owners, we have access to off market homes and we will share these and other suitable homes with you. You tell us which homes you want to see and we will set appointments and be with you at these appointments to share our expertise on each home and neighborhood. When visiting a home, we will discuss if the home suits your goals, needs, lifestyle, architecture style and amenity requirements. Our local expertise will help you match with the right one.

4. The Offer

Once you have seen multiple homes and found a home that you love, we are ready to help you write an offer. The market continues to be very competitive and most properties receive multiple offers. Here our goal is to help you understand the market, the offer price, and help you write a winning offer. We will help you understand how the offer process works and we will go over the contract with you in detail. We will help you write an offer that is competitive. Most properties get multiple offers and we will leverage our relationship with the agents to ensure your success. We don’t want you to overpay, and we will do our best to present an offer that works for you and the seller. Our goal is to make you successful with your first offer.

5. In Contract 

Your offer is accepted, now what? There are many steps after the offer is accepted and before you get keys to your home. We will walk you through each step such as scheduling a home inspection, the appraisal and requesting repairs. During this time our focus it to make sure that your lender and title company get everything they need and are on schedule to close on time.

6. You are home owners!

You are homeowners and it is time to enjoy your new home. We will deliver the keys to you help you celebrate your new home! Our relationship does not end here and we hope that this is the beginning to a lifelong relationship. We are here to help you whenever you need us. You can call us if you need cleaners, handypersons, contractors, architects- whatever your need, we have resources. And we want you to call us when you are ready to buy or sell again. Tell your family and friends about your experience with us. We will help you improve your property value with renovations, help you buy and sell, and even find tenants for your investment properties.